Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Professional tile cleaning products for the leisure and construction industry from the UK's leading provider of specialist floorcare and anti-slip products.

A common issue after handover of your newly tiled floor is that very often a film of grout and cement residue remains on the surface of the tiles, even after you thought you had cleaned them. This contributes to tiled floors and grout joints becoming more and more dirty as you mop them and walk on them. It can also reduce the slip resistance in outdoor areas, even when you thought your outdoor tiles were anti-slip. 

Floor cleaning is key in controlling many slip and trip accidents. Floor surface contamination (such as water, oil, dust) is often a cause of slip accidents. So regular cleaning to remove contamination can reduce accidents.

Where cleaning is carried out effectively, it can make the difference between a floor being an unacceptably high slip risk or an acceptably low slip risk, and can make the difference between your newly installed tiles looking old and tired, or looking great forever!

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